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Celebration III Official Pix Autograph Guest List

Confirmed autograph guests can be viewed here.

Program: You purchase $10.00 coupons to exchange for autographs on your personal items or on official Celebration III logo photos. Limited edition 8" x 10" photos with the Celebration III logo will be available for purchase at $5.00 each as part of the autograph program. Some guests are 1 coupon and some are 2 or 3 coupons per autograph. Below you can see the number of coupons required to get an autograph from each guest. *Indicates a guest who is not appearing all four days of the show.

Note: You may now advanced purchase your coupons and avoid long coupon lines at show. Advance Coupons

Amy Allen (1 coupon)
Episodes II, III - Aayla Secura
Kenny Baker (2 coupons)
Episodes I, II, III, IV, V, VI - R2-D2,
Episode VI - Paploo
David Barclay (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Jabba Puppeteer
Jerome Blake (1 coupon)
Episodes I - Rune Haako,
Episodes I, II, III - Mas Amedda,
Episodes I, II - Oppo Rancisis,
Episodes I - Orn Free Taa
Paul Blake (1 coupon)
Episode IV - Greedo
Caroline Blakiston (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Mon Mothma
Michonne Bourriague (1 coupon)
Episode I - Aurra Sing
Ralph Brown (2 coupons)
Episode I - Ric Olie,
Jeremy Bulloch (2 coupons)
Episodes V, VI - Boba Fett,
Episode III - Alderaan Pilot
Sean Crawford (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Yak Face,
Sandi Finlay (2 coupons)
Episode II, III - Sly Moore
Garrick Hagon (1 coupon)
Episode IV - Biggs Darklighter
Christine Hewitt (1 coupon)
Episode IV - Tonnika sister
Gerald Home (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Tessek,
Episode VI - Mon Calamari Officer
Jesse Jensen (1 coupon)
Episode II - Jedi Saesee Tiin
Zach Jensen (1 coupon)
Episode II - Jedi Kit Fisto
Michael Kingma (2 coupons)
Episode III - Tarrful
* Appearing Friday-Sunday.
Nalini Krishan (1 coupon)
Episode II - Barriss Offee
Richard LeParmentier (1 coupon)
Episode IV - Admiral Motti
Bai Ling (2 coupons)
Episode III - Senator Bana Breemu
Ian Liston (1 coupon)
Episode V - Wes Janson,
Episode V - AT-AT driver
Daniel Logan (2 coupons)
Episode II - Boba Fett
Peter Mayhew (2 coupons)
Episode III, IV, V, VI - Chewbacca
Shannon McRandle (1 coupon)
Expanded Universe - Mara Jade

Temuera Morrison (2 coupons)
Episode II - Jango Fett,
Episode III - Commander Cody,
Episode III - Commander Thire,
Episode III - Commander Bly,
Episode V, VI - new voice of Boba-Fett

Rena Owen (1 coupon)
Episode II - Taun We,
Episode III - Senator Alavar
Mary Oyaya (1 coupon)
Episodes II, III - Jedi Luminara Unduli
* Appearing Thursday-Saturday.
Ray Park (2 coupons)
Episode I - Darth Maul
Toby Philpott (1 coupon)
Episodes VI - Jabba Puppeteer
Dave Prowse (2 coupons)
Episodes IV, V, VI - Darth Vader
Mike Quinn (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Nien Nunb

Tim Rose (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Admiral Ackbar,
Episode VI - Sy Snootles,
Episode VI - Salacious Crumb

Alan Ruscoe (1 coupon)
Episode I - Plo Koon,
Episode I - DaultayDofine,
Episode I - Bib Fortuna

Michael Sheard (1 coupon)
Episode V - Admiral Ozzel
Orli Shoshan (1 coupon)
Episode II, III- Jedi Shaak Ti
Bodie Taylor (1 coupon)
Episode II, III - Clone Trooper
Femi Taylor (1 coupon)
Episode IV - Oola
Leeanna Walsman (2 coupons)
Episode II - Zam Wessell

Billy Dee Williams (3 coupons)
Episode V, VI - Lando Calrissian
* Appearing Saturday-Sunday.

Simon Williamson (1 coupon)
Episode VI - Max Rebo,
Episode VI - Gamorrean Guard,
Episode VI - Mon Calamari Officer

Matthew Wood (2 coupons)
Episode I - Bib Fortuna,
Episode II - Dug Taxi Driver,
Episode III - General Grievous
* Appearing Friday-Sunday.



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