Photos Of / With Actors: Taking photos with actors is always up each individual actor as well as subject to time and line management. For select guests, we will be offering a ticketed photo opportunity. See ???Froggy???s Photos??? in the autograph area for details, times, and to purchase photo opportunities at the event.

UPDATE 8/3/2012:
The official autograph guest photographer now has a page up where you can pre-order a photo op with select actors before the event.

We can confirm that the following actors will not be allowing photos at their tables. If a photo with the actor is something you want, please check out the photo op link below.

Froggy Photos Only:

Mark Hamill

Carrie Fisher

Ian McDiarmid

Kenny Baker

Peter Mayhew

Tem Morrison

Other actors that you can also get a professional photo op with, or pose at their table as time allows:

Amy Allen

Bonnie Piesse

Daniel Logan

Jeremy Bulloch

Jake Lloyd

Last, Anthony Daniels will not be taking photos in his signing booth, but will come out from the table a couple of times a day to pose with fans for free as his time and energy allows.

Click here for more details on pre-ordering your photo ops.

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Online autograph ticket sales are now closed. We will have all autograph tickets available Thursday at 10am when the event opens.?? We do expect a couple of the actors will sell out of tickets as early as Thursday/Friday.

Already bought your tickets?
Fans who have pre-purchased their autograph tickets can get a jump start on the event and pickup their autograph tickets before the convention opens Wednesday August 22nd from 2pm-5pm. Tickets may be picked up in the main lobby of the convention center near the event Admission ticket counters and in the autograph hall during all convention hours Thursday-Sunday 10:00am-close. Please bring your photo ID and/or your paypal receipt to claim your envelope