Send-In Policy. (NEW) Each item you send in MUST have a post-it-note with your name, address & order number clearly written on the back which matches your order invoice.

Please read carefully and entirely. You must print, sign and include this form with your items to have each one signed. If sending multiple items, please list each one on a SINGLE FORM.

Customer agrees to the following:

1) For this offering, we are accepting: Photos, lobby cards, LP covers, 27 x 41 posters or smaller (that can be rolled or folded), trading cards, plaques, books, magazines, comics, toys, clothes, **statue bases, **props, **swords & **standees. These last four item types will require a SPECIAL SHIPPING PROCESS, so please email us here to inquire BEFORE sending anything or placing your order.

2) Pack carefully and securely. If it's valuable, pack it well. We try to re-use your packaging when possible (unless it looks damaged, etc), so pack it accordingly! It is recommended that you also purchase insurance and tracking for your own peace of mind. We are not responsible for any damage or loss done during shipping to us, or back to you. We will insure all domestic packages leaving Official Pix for the amount of your purchase. If your item requires additional insurance, please indicate that on your item, and we can invoice you for it. We use USPS for all shipments as we have an outstanding record with their service for items arriving safely. A note to international customers, your country, and/or customs office may open, inspect, and/or charge you import taxes on your incoming package. Handling and damage may result outside of our control. Please plan accordingly. Tracking is only available on packages while moving through the USA. Once outside, packages are no longer able to be tracked. Again, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged shipments.

3) A note on personal items. Please label the back of all items with your personal information including your five digit order number. While we will do our best to accommodate specific ink color, we are not responsible for the wrong color/pen requested being used. We will handle all items very carefully. However, it is possible that while handling and signing, the actor may have a mishap with their pen, and/or some other damage could occur to your item. Again, we will handle your items with the greatest of care and as if they were our own, but we will not be responsible for any damage to your item during shipping, handling, celebrity or pen mishaps, misspelled names, and/or signing. Additionally, if you choose to pack your send-in item in packaging larger or heavier than is normal for an item of that size, we may invoice you for additional shipping charges. For international orders, we are required by law to put your full purchase price as the value of the package.

4) We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason. This is in place for us to refuse any objectionable items, or other items not covered in this signing. If in doubt, ask. If you send a non-approved item, it will be returned, and only the signing fee will be refunded. Return shipping will not be refunded.

By submitting your order and signing below, you agree to the terms above and that any and all items sent to us are subject to the above guidelines. Failure to include this agreement with your personal item will result in it being returned to you and only the signing fee will be refunded. Return shipping will not be refunded.

Please print your name and shipping address, your contact info (phone & email) and a brief, but detailed description of your item below.

Printed Name____________________________________________________________________________________

Detailed item description (one page per item)___________________________________________________

Signature___________________________ Date_________

5-Digit Order #____________

Your signature, date, and 5-digit order number.

Items must arrive by Friday, August 9th, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Ship all Silicon Valley Comic Con items to:

Official Pix
Chris Wyman
2151 Park Crescent Dr.
Land O Lakes, FL 34639

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